Review – J.R. “Bob” Dobbs and The Church of the SubGenius (2019)


As a backer, it took a surprising amount of time to finally get access to the film.

And then when I finally received access, I sat on it even longer.

Some might consider that appropriate for the subject matter: I was void of slack and mad, and then received the slack at my leisure once I was given a choice.

That said, I’d had high expectations for the film — my only concern being that the title would make it difficult to search for, or worse, drown out other Church propaganda.

But I was wrong on both counts: it’s easy enough to search for, if you quote the title exactly.

And this documentary exceeded my expectations.

Sure, the Church “comes clean”, finally. But if you’ve paid even a modest amount of attention to the Hour of Slack radio show, or other Church related materials over the years, there isn’t REALLY a whole lot new here. If you’re not a “Bobbie” and had a reasonably good sense of humor, you were already in on the joke.

But it’s nice to have it “for the record” and all in one place. And the presentation just oozes quality, with some lovely animations interspersed among the heaps of old VHS recordings.

This is a terrific doc. I’m not sure about the appeal for those not already familiar with “Bob”, but maybe it will awaken something in you. 😉