Review – The Falcon and the Winter Soldier


Loved everything with Sam and Bucky. Especially Sam’s journey, and the stuff with Isaiah Bradley.

Walker was amazing, too. And not that I don’t think he was beyond redemption, but it was rushed. I mean, he teams up easily with the guys who BROKE HIS ARM and took the Cap mantle from him the last episode (though I get some time has passed).

These two storylines seemed to be the most important parts of the show, and received the most attention.

They were almost perfect.

But everything with Sharon and the Flag Smashers (hey, band name!) felt mediocre. At best, shoehorned in. The best guess I’m hearing going around is that the Flag Smasher narrative possibly centered around a pandemic, and well… given the COVID situation, they had to hastily butcher it up into something… incoherent.

But regardless, it was weak. And unfortunately the entire series wrapped it’s overall narrative on that brittle skeleton.

The real MVP, though? The Baron. Give him his own series, please. Just all Zemo all the time. He was the most fun I had with the show. Unfortunately it felt like he was there just to setup a go at the Thunderbolts later, because he had almost no real impact on the story (his butler’s hilarious moment in the finale aside).

That said, looking forward to a second season, if they do it. The title characters made it worth watching, and I’d happily give it another shot with a new, hopefully better constructed story. One that doesn’t get butchered up in editing like this one appears to have been.

Bring on Loki!