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Slack Injection TV – 005 – The Cinematic Experience

Slack Injection TV returns after an extended obsession attempting to sync Divine’s mouth movements up to Lordi’s vocalizations.

Yeah, it’s gonna be that kind of episode.


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Slack Injection TV – 004 – The Voyage to X-Day

Time for more Slack Injection TV! Religion, fire, and UFOs conspire to take you on The Voyage to X-Day!


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Slack Injection TV – 003 – The Search for Chargertron


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Slack Injection TV – 002 – The Wrath of Garco

ANOTHER?! Yep. Making these shorter, too — longer they are, the more easy it is for me to get distracted and forget.

Only the slightest effort towards an actual ‘theme’ for this. But still hella random. Working on that. Trying to find what works.

Backups:, Vimeo, Odysee

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Slack Injection TV – 001 – Intellectual Property Violation Extravaganza

Starting a new video collage series!

Somehow this will be easier to keep going as a regular thing than, say, the podcast version of Slack Injection. I just love video editing. 😛 Anyway, sometimes there will be a theme. Usually not.

Typically this is just a collection of pseudo-interesting and/or weird amusements that I come across and are certain to never get monetized. Enjoy!

Backups:, Odysee

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