Take the DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge!


I was doing a bit of OSINT-ish poking around on this character, Mellissa Carone.

She’s a supposed voter fraud “whistleblower” for Rudy Giuliani. His star witness claims to have essentially seen all the voter fraud ever in her seemingly-drunken, insane testimony at a hearing in Michigan. You really have to see it to believe it. She made a complete ass out of herself trying to bullshit everyone in the room.

Even Rudy, at one point, had to be like “whoa, down girl”.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t be dwelling on a private individual in a blog post, but Mellissa chose to step into the public arena.

So I figured I’d see what I could dig up on the web, in relation to a couple of her claims. Just practicing some OSINT on a public figure.

Anyway, in her testimony she claimed to be an IT contractor hired by the current conspiracy scapegoat “Dominion“. Now she says she can’t get work anymore because “the Democrats destroyed her life”, and so on.

As far as jobs go, her LinkedIn says she’s been an intern at a place called Ciber Global but with the title “Cyber Security Analyst”. She mentions Ford Motor in a subheading on this one.

Next one down, same timeframe as the Ciber job, again, “Cyber Security Analyst” for Ford Motor Company. Maybe lent out as a temp?

Further back, an internship as an IT Technician at a local painting company.

And even further back, an IT Specialist/Help Deak [sic] person for Millennium Servica [sic]. This might be a Remodelling and Repair Contractor, or this unknown, defunct company.

Whichever. Doesn’t matter.

Along side all this, she’s also listed as being a graduate of ITT Technical Instutute and the University of Michigan, working on an associates degree in Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management.

UPDATE: Apparently she’s been up to some other stuff, too. Whoops…

In addition to her work experience, her profile features a set of certificates and awards:

Nothing really of interest. I can’t even verify her Ciber employment, never mind this certificate. But that’s fine. I don’t really care. Any discrepancies are probably easily explained with a little more detail. (Benefit of the doubt, and all that.)

But then I scroll over to the third cert; the “Cyber Awareness Challenge” completion certificate:

What’s that logo? Department of… hmm.  I can guess, but let’s ZOOM AND ENHANCE:

The Department of Defense?!

Woo! Impressive, right?

So I looked around for that, and found… THE 2021 CYBER AWARENESS CHALLENGE!

You too — yes, YOU — can take the unclassified training course, just like she did, and get your very own DoD Certificate of Completion for you to type “FART BUTT” on and save to a PDF and put on your own profile.

And best of all, it’s in COLOR and updated for 2021!

But in all seriousness, I encourage you to take a look at this small, free course they’re offering.

It’s actually well put together and rather creative for a multiple-choice quiz that marks you correct even when you’re wrong. You can’t lose!

The real meat of it, though, are the details it provides. There’s a lot of “duh” basic security things (don’t bring in external devices, don’t hold security doors open for anyone, etc), but it actually gives some interesting insights into how they handle working with classified security information, among other things.

Quite a bit of video, too. Here’s my favorite: