The Unification III Rap Battle


First name: Michael. Surname: Burnham.
When I rock the mic, you KNOW that I’ll burn ’em.

It’s a hell of a shock: I’m the sista of Spock;
Now that’s a pedigree that yer pointy ears can’t block.

I’m from a distant time; I’m told that’s a crime;
Thousand-year start; yet you can’t hold these rhymes.

Now this trio of elves wants to challenge me?
Their Kal-toh’s collapsed, while my Chess game’s six-D!

Yap yap, your logic lacks validity;
More like Infinite Stupidity in Infinite Vapidity.

Now run along and go slap your gong;
When you return, you’ll admit you’re wrong.

I was lost before, but now I’m in my Prime;
Don’t look now, but it’s “Amok Time”!

Your blood is green, but I’m the reason queen;
Now shut the fuck up and and give up SB-19!

I was supposed to be working on the Terebikko research over Thanksgiving weekend here in the US, but instead we got treated to a pair of wonderful episodes of The Mandalorian and Star Trek: Discovery.

The latter of which featured Burnham forcing the Vulcan/Romulan leadership to respond by challenging them in a formal logic debate. And, well, I joked on Reddit that it was a “logic rap battle“… and many hours later… well… that happened.

It’s something pretty far out of my wheelhouse, but I actually put effort into it and did some research and stuff. And I’ve always enjoyed Epic Rap Battles of History, so maybe it’s been brewing in the back of my mind for a while. 😉