Review: Star Trek Prodigy (Season 1)


Does Prodigy have the best, strongest first season of Star Trek since the original series?

I’m not sure… but it’s either that or Strange New Worlds.

There’ll be a second season, right? …right?!

But frankly, I’m edging closer towards Prodigy. They’re BOTH great, don’t misread me, but it feels like Prodigy had a much bigger narrative hill to climb.

They successfully built, from scratch, wholly original characters in a brand new situation. And it was aimed at a new, younger audience who might be unfamiliar with Star Trek while still making it engaging for both new and old fans.

One big example: I bloody HATED Dal for several episodes. Generic, childish, obnoxious teenager archetype. But as the series progresses you can actually feel a very natural maturation that doesn’t feel forced. It feels earned. Same goes for the rest of the cast.

It’s just a damned GOOD show, damn it.

Can’t wait for Season 2! 🍻