Review: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (2023)


(WARNING: Minor spoilers ensue.)

What a great idea turning the whole Scott Pilgrim story on it’s side. I was rather hoping it would at least be slightly different. But I could never have hoped it would diverge this much! (Is this how the FF7 remake fans felt?)

It all works quite well, taking us down a different path. In a way it’s kind of like one of those time travel episodes of Star Trek where a seemingly minor event is changed, and it upsets the entire course of history.

The only “negative” I can think of is that this probably isn’t very friendly to anyone not already familiar with the original story.

Does this describe you? What did YOU think?

But even if it was only “for us”, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Like the Ahsoka series did for Star Wars, not everything has to be smoothed over and refined to appeal to an unfamiliar mainstream audience.

Sometimes you can just have something niche and special for the fans.

From what I read, they’re not actively working on a Season 2. But there’s no hard barrier to it, just “millions of miracles” have to line up. Hmm…

Well, if they do: I’m absolutely here for it. And if not, I’m happy with what we got. 🙂


EDIT (2023-12-01): Only while listening to the soundtrack over on Spotify did I realize I’d completely neglected to mention anything about a key factor in any Scott Pilgrim production: the music.

One of the things that made the 2010 film so great, among many things, was the incredible soundtrack. Not a dud in the bunch. It elevated everything. Just an amazing collection.

And then the video game soundtrack, too, was excellent. (I can still hear bits of it on loop in my head as I write this.)

The soundtrack for “Takes Off” is… shockingly mediocre? Not bad, technically, but I just went through the album and only a couple really stick out. Much of it is just kind of wallpaper-like. And then there’s the weird covers of “I Will Remember You” and “God Only Knows“. (I know the context for them, but it doesn’t work for me.) It’s just… a lot of nondescript background music fit for a TV series. Which… it is. But it’s just not memorable.

Maybe I’ll warm up to some of it more with repeat listenings, but I’m not terribly optimistic.