One Blog Too Many


Decided I needed to have a place for random, dumb junk. And I’ll keep specific to projects and coding.

I’ve taken this opportunity to explore other flat-file…CMSes… (🤔)

Sluggish Gravy

I migrated from WordPress to Grav at the start of the year. It’s not bad, and at the time I was quite pleased with it… until I uploaded it to my shared Dreamhost account. Despite not using MySQL, and despite being a simple ‘drop in and go’ system, it still had these absolutely weird moments of slowness. Pages would take 3-5 seconds to load. Same for the admin.

This didn’t happen on my development VM. It was a bit of a surprise.

I spent hours trying to debug the issue, but eventually I had to just concede that it was some mysterious Dreamhost magic getting in the way, and let it be.


So, this week I took a look at some others, and this time I’d install it on Dreamhost first to see how it performs. And, long story shorter: Bludit did the job. Fast, uses a clean WYSIWYG editor, but you can also flip over to Markdown. Feels mostly solid, and has a decent backup plugin.

The downsides are that there isn’t really an easy to use plugin/theme system. And one of the plugins is broken so badly that it ate a lengthy post I’d written because I saved without a post title… Thankfully it’s a completely unnecessary one that I quickly jettisoned once I realized it was a bug in the plugin, not the CMS.


So, got all this setup in an evening. Manually moved over some goofier posts from

I feel like I’m spreading my interests thin — BT for generic development? This for random junk? Another blog (elsewhere) for infosec?

I don’t know what the hell I’m thinking. I need to clean this up and unify.