Last Walk in Clinton


I went for what will probably be my last walk around downtown Clinton, tonight.

Cold and crisp, but surprisingly hospitable considering the temperature.

As always, folks were hanging out over at the Driftwood (or whatever it’s called nowadays). People playing pool. Having fun. Never took the time to drop in and check it out. Bars aren’t really my thing. Wish they were. Feel like I’m missing out.

Lots of cars and people leaving the Town Hall. Probably had a play tonight. Or a rehearsal for one.

I sat on the bench between the church and the Stanton House for a bit, and looked around. Watched cars go by. Nice little quiet spot in the dark, just me in my black pea coat, black Punisher winter cap, and scarf.


I’m going to really miss this town, and the CT shoreline area.

Clinton, Westbrook, Saybrook, Madison, Guilford… they’ve been such a large part of me and my identity, for over three decades.

I grew up here. The shoreline the well-worn groove in a comfortable couch. It’s all I’ve known. It’s ME. But you know? I need to let it go. The world moved on… and I didn’t. At this point, I figure I’m long overdue.

So, tomorrow afternoon, this unusually thick chapter will come to an end… and a new one will begin.

I am… cautiously optimistic.