LoRA: Max Headroom

Max Headroom defies expectations. The iconic ’80s television sensation started out as the host of a British music video showcase, but quickly rose to fame through his trailblazing advertising campaigns for New Coke. His popularity led to a British TV movie, which in turn paved the way for his own prime-time series on ABC in 1987. The show’s premise is a thrilling blend of sci-fi, satire, and comedy, with a dash of Blade Runner and Network thrown in for good measure. Despite its innovative nature, Max Headroom struggled to find an audience during its initial run, with only 14 episodes produced before it was cancelled. However, the show’s impact has only grown over time, with its pop culture cachet earning it a spot on the cover of Newsweek and being parodied in Doonesbury. Today, society has finally caught up to the show that was ahead of its time, making it a must-see for fans of dystopian fiction and cyberpunk. (text cribbed from Amazon)


  • This LoRA is very sensitive; stronger strength values result in a more traditional “Max posing against a background” look, whereas lower ones let Max’s head integrate into a less traditional scene easier.
  • Using the trigger word max_headroom will greatly strengthen the model’s influence on the prompt. That’s another way to tweak things.


  • This is not a great LoRA; the original art is all of medium to low quality, but is largely the best I can get from the publicity materials, at least.
  • I will take another swing at this, using direct rips from the TV series, but those are, at best, 480p imagery. Maybe there’s more I can do. I’ll probably revisit this one more in the future to try to improve it.