Realtime Observations - Picard 2x07 - Monsters

Starting a new series of posts where I keep notes as I watch certain shows and keep a running log of my thoughts as I watch. Sometimes things get answered later (like in this case, the mystery of Picard’s analyst…), but I didn’t know that at the time.

It’s not insightful. It’s purely reactionary. I’m already seeing some interesting discussion that would nullify several criticisms in this list, for instance. But that’s not the point. It’s all very much in the moment. Textual riffing, perhaps?

Anyway, this is kind of a test. I started doing it over on Reddit’s /r/startrek a couple episodes ago, and it bled into my time watching The Prisoner earlier this week. I rather enjoyed doing it, so let’s keep it going, eh?

I won’t do it for every show or movie I watch, but Picard and most of the new Star Trek shows are definitely on that list.


Yeeeep. I feel like I’m just floating in space as things fly by, right now. Just along for the ride. No particular investment.

Well, outside of seriously wanting to see Rios stay behind in 2024 with his amazing step-family.


Realtime Observations

  • THE SUN. You can hear it miles away.
  • What an awkward way to tell us Gaius Baltar is an analyst.
  • Baltar still hasn’t shaved.
  • I feel like Alexander Siddig wasn’t available so they got James Callis instead.
  • We, too, are stuck here for an hour.
  • I’ve noticed an uptick in obviously ‘toyetic’ objects in Star Trek. Like this sun.
  • A red headed queen? Beverly? Oh, his fucking mother. God forbid.
  • “JL” seems like such a forced bit of familiarity. It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue much easier than “Jean Luc”.
  • Raffi is grossed out by the idea of kissing Rios. The fuck did my homeboy do to deserve that?
  • Baltar looks like he’s wearing a Dominion War era grey-shouldered uniform but it’s lacking the vertical pleating across the top. This is more of a flat fabric. Oversight, or just ‘alternative’? Doesn’t matter, I guess.
  • Tallinn, in her private moments, talks like a normal person. “I bet five-drink Picard is a blast”, she notes. I note this because it’s suggesting to me that she’s not hiding a personality from the rest.
  • If Baltar turns into Q I wouldn’t be surprised, honestly.
  • “Honey, Mama’s going to use some bad words.” (But not the good ones.) 😆
  • Man Raffi just beamed that shit right into his hand almost instantly. Was she on neutral oscillator duty just waiting to push that button?
  • “I’m not a doctor but I trust you.” – dude SHE LITERALLY HAS NO IDEA WHAT THE FUCK YOU PUT IN HER HAND, but you “TRUST HER”? She doesn’t even know to use it. She just just pointed it at his head and pushed a button. That’s ridiculous: HE could have done that. Is she being humored here? Like a child, “yay, you did it, I’m so proud of you!”
  • “I work in outer space” – oh screw you with these constant Voyage Home references. Once is cool. Twice is unnecessary. Any more than that and you’re overindulging, and this is probably the third or fourth one?
  • Seven rocks. Raffi sucks (this season). The Raffi/Seven constantly arguing lovers thing? SO OVER IT.
  • Picard’s dad is Baltar. Great.
  • Thousand ways to take a nap in here.
  • Okay, Picard’s mother had a deep mental illness. Not the twist I expected, and an interesting bit of trivia, I guess, but the real trick will be to see how this ties into how they get the whales back to the 24th century.
  • Picard was not a particularly bright child.
  • Yeah, we better put the brakes on that story, it was just getting the slightest bit interesting.
  • I want a show just involving Lady Doctor, Rios, and her kid. I love them.
  • HAHAH RIOS GOES ALL IN ON TIMELINE VIOLATIONS. You know what? Fine, I’m here for this. Fuck it.
  • I swear Raffi and Seven are just here for exposition. Their scenes consist of bickering, describing what’s going on, and driving.
  • Okay, so the Queen can only take control when Jurati does something exhilarating. It wasn’t just that one-time thing.
  • Great, so we’re going to drag out the Jurati/Queen thing for another episode. All this banter was just placeholder. Cool.
  • Quantum leap! ;)
  • HOLOGRAPHIC EARS. Jesus christ. Are you kidding me with this? 🙄
  • Are we suggesting that Q made Adam purposely run him over with a car so he’d experience that coma therapy? No. Not even a little because that would be stupid.
  • Young Guinan knows about Q?
  • Oh, they’re going to try and explain the completely improvised Q/Guinan moment that the actors themselves said had no real story meaning from TNG, huh? This ought to be good. **michael-jackson-popcorn.gif**
  • “Truce was made over a bottle. This one.” – wait, THAT one? Like, YOU have this object? On Earth? Right now? Really?
  • “The moment itself is still… inside?” 🤣
  • Oh lord. :P
  • Yeah let’s just wreck the bar. And it didn’t work. El oh el.
  • Fucking white guys.
  • They have fucked up this timeline so badly. That almost redeems all of this.