Realtime Observations - Picard 2x10 - Farewell

I’m having a hard time putting together thoughts on this that aren’t dripping with contempt, so I’ll just say the only moments in it – and maybe of the entire series – that I actually felt were worth the price of admission were the final ones with Q. (Even if it bordered precariously on being over-sentimental, close to fan-fiction.)

This was bad. Really bad. Good, or even marginally great individual moments here and there. But the sum total?

Get the fuck off my bridge.

⭐ 1/2

Realtime Observations

  • Well, here we go.
  • Yes, we saw the recap where the Queen said the prophecy, too, Jean Luc. Like, 10 seconds ago.
  • Oh geez, we couldn’t resist doing a “‘Voyage Home’ step into the transporter beam at the last minute” trick, huh?
  • You don’t think they got the idea for a Gary Seven crossover because of the… rocket launch… unngh.
  • “We can’t control who we lose”? I mean sometimes, sure, but we’ve had whole episodes about how it’s a Captain’s job to sometimes end people to their deaths. That’s just “feel good” gobbledygook.
  • Adam’s blurting out his attack plan to the computer as if he’s on a 24rd century starship. 😆
  • BUT IT’S A RECORDING. 🤣 Hard mustache-twirling action!
  • So Soong’s going to go so far as to make a fake recording KNOWING they’ll show up at his place, yet the actual hardware he’s using to carry out the attack is still there…?
  • Oh wow, they’re actually calling that out. But… it’s still there. Unless it’s a last minute “best I could do” scenario.
  • Christ, Adam is so punchable.
  • So how did Raffi become the computer expert and not the ex-drone? Also, no weapons? Couldn’t have destroyed the drones?
  • Guessing “Renee” is a hologram. Chekhov’s Ears from the other ep? :P
  • Soong gave her a stink-palm.
  • Rios just flying fuckin’ drones around. Wee.
  • CALLED IT. 🙄
  • Glad that neurotoxin works the same on Romulans as it does on humans.
  • Well, that was wrapped up quick. Plenty of time for speeches though.
  • I guess that means we just have Q and the Soong kid’s plot to wrap up in the next… 20 minutes? Ish?
  • Support your local libraries.
  • 100% FILE DELETION CONFIRMED. If only rm -rf reported it like that.
  • PROJECT KHAN. This show is as subtle as a sledgehammer. (June 7, 1996, for those playing at home.)
    So subtle.
    So subtle.
  • 460 Lowry Ave, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Oh, fuck off, Wil.
  • oh god this is so awful
  • so so so awful
  • Yeah, this is going right in the canon trash bin.
  • “How does money work” – can we stop this nonsense trope about Trek not understanding money?
  • “I am dying alone. I do not want that for you.” – god, that’s just right on the border of being too schmaltzy. But it still stirs emotion in me. 😭
  • So Q fucked up the universe so Jean Luc could allow himself to get laid.
  • “Even gods have favorites, and you’ve always been one of mine.”
  • “What about Elnor?” “Who?” HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH
  • Oh, fuck off Raffi.
  • CALLED IT. And there goes all the hopes for a Rios/Stargazer spin-off. I’m fine with that. Fuck this universe. Let him be happy.
  • So Q’s dying and he doesn’t have his powers, except he does? Or was a lot of this an act? I really can’t tell.
  • I’ll admit, everything with Q here is beautiful if a bit fan-fictiony.
  • So hold up; what was the point of Q trying to pull Renee off course? Getting Adam to run him over? Doing anything with Adam?
  • And Picard and crew needing to be sent back 2401 is what ultimately kills the already-dying Q? If he didn’t time travel to fix the problem, would Q have some more time left? Etc, etc. Whatever, I don’t care.
  • WHOA, AGNES IS THE BORG QUE-- of course it was, no shit. :P
  • Oh, so Rios is gone and I guess Jurati? So they literally went on a side quest in-between the seconds…or…?
  • “Must it always have galactic import?” – apparently.
  • Aaaaand there’s our Captain Seven. A low-level fan theory pops up to the top.
  • Goddamned Q indeed. 😡
  • Guinan posting spoilers…
  • So the “good” Trek universe is more or less a timeline violation from multiple angles.
  • I will never get over how we’re supposed to actually believe in a relationship between Picard and Laris.
  • I wonder who we’ll kill off in Season 3? The entire TNG cast, maybe?
  • The DVDs of this show really need to be buried in the desert and forgotten.

Look at that nose. 🥰
Look at that nose. 🥰