(Inspired by a coworker to create a Now page, distinct from an About page. Not a bad idea.)

I’m currently living in central Connecticut. Been here since… hell, either 2015 or 2016.

It’s getting hazy.

I’d like to move again. Where? Well, that’s the question.

By day, I’m going on my 5th year as a software developer for Infinity Interactive, working remotely on various projects and technologies. And since I crave learning new things, it’s a great fit. They’re a talented group of developers and consultants who know tech inside and out! What problems can they solve for you? (Seriously, that’s not just an ad – I love ’em. 😎🍺)


Lately I’ve been giving more attention to the world of information security, and an ever-so-light dusting of digital electronics.

As always with me, I end up taking an interest in everything, so my attention has been split between various areas in the field.

I find my interests often leaning towards OSINT, reverse engineering, digital forensics, and pentesting, though. I take full advantage of various CTFs (including live competitions), and educational hands-on sites.

  • I’ve been trying to get back into game streaming on a regular basis, but my home life makes that difficult. I’d love to get back into podcasting again, too, but that’s not something I’m interested in doing solo, and I don’t really know anyone else who’d be interested.
  • Had a bit of a rough time in January, but things are getting back on track.
  • I had a brief stint where I took an unusually strong interest in writing battle rap. Not sure where the hell that came from… 😲


  • 2021-06: This project wound up being a real meat-grinder, but I also had the opportunity to really expand and sharpen my skills. Not just with coding, but team management (?!). It’s been good for me. If stressful and new. I’m up for it. 💪 (And I did eventually find a decent workflow on the Mac. A sluggish, irritating clusterfuck of a workflow, but it did happen. :D)
  • 2021-03: Turns out the new project started in January has thrust me into the deep end of a rather large React/Node/Mongo code base with an even larger corporate presence having oversight. It’s been quite challenging, but I’m up to the task, and so is my awesome team. I’m already learning a lot of new things, including how to be a productive coder inside MacOS. Yikes.


  • 2021-06: Built a new dev/gaming rig. Ryzen 9 5900X under the hood. But I’ve yet to really stretch it’s legs outside of a few token games of Overwatch and Star Trek Online (yeah, been playing that, too). Those are not particularly demanding games, however, and ran perfectly fine in the prior machine. Soon.
  • Earlier: Not a lot of gaming since I finished Cyberpunk 2077. I bought Control, but haven’t gotten around to it. I have been replaying Super Mario 3D World on the Switch, however. Easily my favorite 3D Mario, despite being crazy frustrating at times.
  • I’ve also started playing… Chess?! ♟ I used to have an interest in it in high school, but that got lost somewhere along thew way. And I’ll admit, the excellent Queen’s Gambit series did give me a bit of an itch to look back into that world, but I felt too stupid (especially after that series) and just too far removed from it all. I could, at least, appreciate the beauty of the game through the show’s lens. But a couple weeks ago, that itch persisted. And I found myself scouring the depths of the Google Play store. Wound up finding several good apps, including one extremely good introductory tutorial app that really eased me into it. I’m not “good” by stretch, but I’m finding myself slowly starting to make interesting mental connections. Really enjoying chess puzzles, too.

Some Dumb Badges and Profiles

Not much to be proud of here yet, but I’m workin’ on it. 😅