(Inspired by a coworker to create a Now page, distinct from an About page. Not a bad idea.)

I’m currently living in central Connecticut. Been here since… hell, either 2015 or 2016.

It’s getting hazy.

I’d like to move again. Where? Well, that’s the question.

By day, I’m going on my 7th year as a senior developer for Infinity Interactive, working remotely on various projects and technologies. And since I crave learning new things, it’s a great fit. They’re a talented group of developers and consultants who know tech inside and out! What problems can they solve for you? (Seriously, that’s not just an ad – I love ’em. 😎🍺)


As always with me, I end up taking an interest in everything (“…but never master”, as it goes).

  • 2023-08: Currently I’m flirting between AI/LLM, infosec, and fantasies of digital electronics, in that order.
  • I find my infosec interests often lean towards OSINT, reverse engineering, digital forensics, and pentesting. Guess that’s a good chunk of the sub-fields? 😏
  • Volunteered some web development work for the local BSidesCT conference; that’s been fun.
  • Been deep-diving into Python in general thanks to my day job assignment, the aforementioned AI interest, and just a general enjoyment of the language despite it being so quirky…
  • I had a crazy, wild moon-shot of a project idea earlier in the year that I was all-in on and excited to pull together… something that hadn’t been done in like 30 years… and then someone announced they were doing it, themselves. You couldn’t write that nonsense. Gutted me for weeks.
  • Speaking of which, the daily fight against depression never lets up. There’s always a baseline of personal misery, but occasionally the good days break through. It’s like the clouds part and everything is amazing. But far more often I’ll dip down into darker territory and my only recourse is to sleep — waking optional…


  • 2023-08: Joined a team assigned to work on a Python/Celery… uh… “SecOps project“. That’s the most I’m allowed to say. It’s a project that could have potentially done a lot of good…


  • 2023-08: Still rockin’ the Ryzen. Probably going to start speccing out a new box for 2024. The 3090 inside is finding more use for my AI fun than games. I’m actually playing less games now… and when I do, it’s either Crab Champions or Streets of Rogue. Both games I can quickly pick up, get my shooty shoot on, and move on. Occasionally I’ll co-op with a friend on Payday 2 (with 3 just around the corner).
  • I tried to organize a weekly game night among the gang, but it feels like I’m the only one interested in keeping it going… oh well… at least I tried. 😛
  • Strangely, I don’t play with the Switch or even the Steam Deck much lately.

But we’re just two ships passing in the night
And you were turning left when I was right

What a cruel thing to do
To hold your cards, to twist the truth
Guess I misjudged you, but, god, I loved you

I tried to give you what you need
I put my heart out on my sleeve
Put it to rest now, it’s for the best now

You brush me off like so much fallen snow
And I know that it’s time to let it go